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Monday, December 06, 2004


Army took a beating, as somewhat expected. Kudos, however, go to Bobby Ross for at least getting a couple of wins out of the Black Knights this year. The Jets remain in good post-season shape, the Giants fall further back behind the soaring Eagles, and the sometimes soaring Falcons. It’s not too late to arrange an accident involving McNabb and Brady. I’m not so worried about Vick, this year….

Army was sad, but not helpless like last year. It's heartbreaking nonetheless to watch them get beat like that. Bobby Ross does deserve a ton of credit and the 2-9 season does not kill the hope I have for the future for them. Once Bobby's recruits start making their way into the starting line-up over the next couple of years we'll see the dramatic improvement we're looking for.

Navy looked VERY good. I will be pulling for them in their bowl game. 9-2 is the best record they have ever posted in 152 seasons. With two big winning seasons behind them they will need to strengthen their schedule as an independent to gain more cred from the polls. They will be ranked next year and good for them. Well deserved. Bobby needs to take note of the option Navy was running Saturday. It's the only offensive scheme that can win at Army.

As for the Falcons, they continue to keep me guessing as to how "Real" they are. Beating a crap load of cupcakes in their division has been the order of the season. Losing to a butt trifle Tampa is cause for concern in my book. No diff than Greenbay. Both teams need to drill it into their heads that a winning season means nothing if you can't play with the big boys. One of them will have to pass through Phili to win the conference. Don't know if Atlanta has the moxy. Sure didn't have it Sunday.

Giants...? Well, what can be said. Jets...? My only hope that a football team that I like will be remotely successful this year. My year in football has been down right depressing on both college and pro front.

Can the hockey players please get off their asses and get back to work so I have something to look forward to post Christmas/New Years?
Your post holiday scedule is all rock and roll my good friend, Praise His name and all.
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