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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


I’ve been remiss in my blogging, the holiday threw me off my schedule, but I promised to blog my Turkey day repast. My Girl and I cooked for my Mother and Father. We showed up at noon, my Mom purchased the turkey and baked a delicious pumpkin pie, my Baby and I did the rest. I quickly assembled the stuffing; I used Stove Top and added diced onion and kielbasa, which I then stuffed inside the waiting bird. It was a relatively small turkey, 12 pounds, so it didn’t need all day to cook, just less than three hours in fact, which gave us plenty of time to work up the side dishes. First I peeled the potatoes and turnips for my sister-in-law's renowned mash. Once they were boiling I started the string beans, which I cooked in a pan on the stovetop with oil, balsamic vinegar, honey and diced onion. While I prepared these dishes, my Baby made the gravy (using the spare bird parts), the cranberry sauce (from scratch), a broccoli and cheese casserole (her recipe, not mine) and the squash (sautéed with herbs). We spent the down time pouring over my grandmother’s photo albums, and magically the meal came together with all the elements arriving at the table with expert timing, sort of, the bird had to wait a bit, but it held up very well. All told, cooking to clean up, the meal took just over five hours. It was all about teamwork, and for that I was very thankful.

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