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Monday, December 13, 2004


U2, O'Jays, Pretenders, Buddy Guy, and Percy Sledge; okay great, but still no Sabbath? No Skynyrd? Can a Geezer catch a break? It seems we're breaking into the eighties here, and if I see any of those shitty metal bands get in before Sabbath, well I'm afraid my mind will break for good.

Amen brother!!! the music establishment has been writing Sabbath off since the release of the their first record (totally f'ing awesome record. "Wicked World" rules!). Meanwhile, millions of kids were digging the hell out of them and by the time the 80's winded down, a million bands were calling Black Sabbath their number one influence. I'm calling bullshit on the hall of fame as well.

"The world today is such a wicked place..."
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