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Friday, December 10, 2004


Last night was Andy Rock's inaugural shift behind the bar at Olive’s in Nyack. It’s Vinyl Night With Andy. He brings a crate of records, mostly mine - plus his Appetite and Van Hagar, and people write album side requests on Post-It’s. It’s strictly first come first serve; Andy deals a straight deck on that account. Lots of good records were played, Lou’s ‘Rock And Roll Animal’, Neil’s ‘Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere’, The Stones’ ‘Exile’, ‘Spectrum’, ‘Purple Rain’, The Police’s 'Ghost In The Machine’, but the record that sounded best, sounded right in the hole that is Olive’s, was AC/DC’s 'Highway To Hell’, it just punches through. We kept saying, okay, I kept saying, “Those are loud guitars there”, because that’s the AC/DC sound, no bullshit, just really loud guitars. A guitar plugged into an amp, and turned up all the way. Simply marvelous. Anyway, we did take a break from the vinyl for an hour of Pantera, I was a bit out of my element at that point. With or without guns, Pantera fans get scary, add alcohol and they get scarier. But they had to mourn their guy their way, and I’m sure that’s the way Dimebag would have wanted it, lots of hollerin’ and air guitar.

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