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Monday, December 13, 2004


As Fred mentioned on his post, the Wilson family time-shifted the holiday again this year. I am certainly no traditionalist, and moving Christmas up two weeks is fine with me. Given the fact that nobody really knows what day Christ was born on anyway, and the fact that we are a multi-denominational family, having our holiday land on the sixth night of Chanukah gave it some credibility, at least in a traditional sense. It works out well, because now we are free to spend ‘actual’ Christmas with our various in-laws, or, as in my case, I get to travel to Charleston, S.C., to meet my Baby’s family for the first time. We have tried doing it in early January, which I thought was cool because it landed on the twelfth day of Christmas, AND it gave me extra shopping days, but Fred likes it better in December. He feels it fits in better with the holiday season in New York, which is a very romantic and fun time and place to experience. This Wilsmas (yesterday) was lovely, and much loot was given and gotten. I’m definitely getting much more out of the giving these days, but I did get some real cool stuff. My brother Rod and his wife Karen gave me a heap of vinyl from their collection, including Dylan’s ‘Blonde On Blonde’, Bob Marley’s ‘Exodus’, and ‘Rastaman Vibration’, and ‘Astral Weeks’ by Van Morrison. Nice! I'm sure the Gotham Gal will get around to blogging her fantastic holiday supper, but in the meantime I gotta say that I've never had brisket so tender, and the candy-cane ice cream cake, well best not think on it, there's three hundred and sixty four days to go until I see that again.

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