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Friday, December 10, 2004


As America moves backwards socially, covering it’s ears and eyes like a child, the rest of the free world is comfortably moving along the path of progress. Canada’s Supreme Court ruled gay marriage as constitutional, and Parliament is expected to pass a bill granting gay men and women the right to marriage under law with full legal benefits. The Dutch have already done this, along with Denmark, Hungary, France and Portugal. New Zealand has legalized gay marriage as well. Bob Mould has a good post on this. The land of the prudes and home of the prigs, as Jeff Jarvis might say, is becoming less tolerant. How can we expect to lead the free world, to spread democracy, if we don’t offer our citizens the rights they are supposed to be guaranteed by our constitution? In this country freedom is a farce, but it makes great decoration, much like a throw rug. It looks nice, but its function is to be trod upon.

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