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Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Things are getting nutty at the job, and I am about to embark on my journey to Charleston to celebrate Christmas with my Baby and her family. It will be the family meet and greet for me, which sort of doubles up the stress factor, but hey, I love her so what can I do? Anyway, this will probably be my last blog until after the holiday, so, if you do celebrate the christian way, then Merry Christmas to you and yours. Otherwise, enjoy a few days off, read a good book, spend some time with family. If, however, you're all uptight this holiday season, offended by public displays of christian faith/idolatry, or pissed of at those who are offended, well then a Merry Fuck Off to you. The world doesn't need your griping, we're trying to get on with things here, and your noise isn't helping. I, for one, am planning on enjoying the holidays, my family, and my friends, in peace.
Happy Ho Ho Ho

Have a great trip Jackson. Be yourself when at your gals folks place and all will be fine. Wish the Legal Diva a Merry Christmas from Cathy, Katie, and I!
Merry Christmas Ted! Working with you and Chris on the Microdot tracks and All the Bricks has been one of the major highlights of 2004. Looking forward to making more music with you guys in the future.

I'm glad you feel that way Dave, and I know i speak for Chris when I say the feeling is mutual. Life is good, so is beer. 2112 anybody?
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