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Monday, January 31, 2005

Brian Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets

Eno's first four albums ('Here Come the Warm Jets', 'Taking Tiger Mountain', 'Another Green World', and 'Before and After Science') have been recently remasterd (by Eno) and re-released. To even begin to list his credits and legacy would be a daunting task, so I will limit myself to my favorite of his records, 'Here Come the Warm Jets'. Released in 1974 after his departure from Roxy Music, 'Jets' is a musical wonderland. A self described non-musician, Eno makes up for what he lacks with an incredible sense of atmosphere, melody, and humor. It doesn't hurt to have Robert Fripp in your rolodex as well. At first listen, one might think they are hearing the work of a crazy person, but put up against 'The Madcap Laughs', which is the work of a crazy person, Eno's apparent bizzare-ness comes across much more structured, and indeed methodic. 'Baby's On Fire' the one song from this record that I've heard outside of my own Listening Room is enough of a reason to buy this record, but the fun doesn't stop there. If I didn't own all these records already, I'd rush out and get the reissues, so if you don't, you should.

Jets is my favorite of the four too, but they're all outstanding. And 'On Some Faraway Beach' is one of my favorite songs ever.

Eno's truly a freak. There's an article in the NYTimes from last fall where he says that technology has made all aspects of making music easier, except songwriting, particulary lyrics. So he's developing personalized lyric-writing software.

They've also rereleased his first four ambient albums, which are great to space out to at, uh, 'work'.

Maybe when they're done with 'that Canadian record' we could do "Jets". I'm all over the backwards feedback.
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