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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The NFL, The Coronation, and The Illuminati

We're watching the Eagles/Falcons game in our work room, and I really don't care who wins. In my mind I should be seeing Big Blue on the field, but alas, I'm not. As far as the next game goes, Pittsburgh/New England, well that's a horse of a different color. The Steelers HAVE to win. If not, then I have no choice than to accept the fact that the 'New Age' has begun, and our society is being run by a close knit group of wealthy individuals who have been running things since the middle-ages. The Patriots go hand in hand with the Bush-Cheney folks. I watched the Coronation, and I listened to his address. I heard both speeches. I heard the literal one, the one 'every-man' heard, and I heard the sub-text too. Freedom means commerce, God means control, he laid it all out if you listened close. They are in control now, and it happened the way it was prophesised; we invited them in. Go Steelers!

The playoffs have added to my already abysmal list of losers that I support. Lets run the newly added to list shall we:

Army Football sucked
Terps Football sucked
Georgia Tech Football sucked
Falcons can't win when they need to
Terps B-Ball is sucking
GT B-Ball is sucking

Can't wait 'till baseball season, or maybe not.

RE: the coronation... Are you hearing voices in your head again?
Yes, absolutely. Fortunately I don't pay too much attention, I do have brittish eq after all. I have my weapons, they have theirs.
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