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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Response By Tony Alva

I recieved this via e-mail from Tony Alva in reponse to my Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame blog, I felt it needed to be posted.

"You're right again, they ought to get caught up somehow. Yep, UFO and Naz will
probably be visitors to the hall vs features, but I think there's an outside
chance for Thin Lizzy. They had a few hits, and on a grand scale, stood out as
more unique against the other two mentioned.
I don't know if The Hall has this as part of it's charter, but I think it has a
responsibility in the historical preservation realm. They should devote some
resources to ensuring that influential bands like Naz, UFO, and Thin Lizzy be
archived for research at a minimum. For example, Randy Rhodes was heavily
influenced by George Nelson. In 50 years, kids will still be clamoring over
Randy's guitar playing I'm sure (he sure as hell better be in The Hall at some
point), but George Nelson's records will no longer be available, or very hard to
find if they're not already. Historically, I think we got lucky with the blues
in that white America embraced the art form early enough to capture for archival
purposes much of the music's lineage. T-Bone Burnett is actively trying to do
the same for bluegrass since many of the great players are old as dirt and the
origins/influences of much of this music will be lost unless someone goes out
and captures first hand accounts of where it came from.
As for what you and I call Hard Rock, others lump it into Metal and little
distinction is made. We can easily identify the two styles while others can't.
Worst still, many cannot tell the difference between UFO and Poison. As time
goes on, it becomes easier for novices to make the distinction, but perceived
relevance starts to wane.
We should write a book on this subject Theo. Why doesn't The Hall put us on the
selection committee? What's the matter with them? We rule!" -Tony Alva

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