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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I've been on the road for close to three weeks now, and while I've been gone Chris has been grinding out the hours installing not only our new G4, but our new Soundcraft console as well. It's no easy task, system integration, snaking cables, and putting up with George. Before George gets insulted I must say he soldered 120 points in one evening - without Flux. Not that I've been sunning myself and eating oysters all day, quite the opposite in fact. Last week I had as many overtime hours as straight time, but that's a good thing too, it means more money to build the dream. When poeple get tired, they get edgy and sensitive. So I wanted to take a moment to salute those who give all they have in persuit of the dream. So raise your glass, take a deep breath, and put in another gruelling week. It's only just begun.

George has been very helpful in the studio upgrade process, despite his aversion to flux. He has also fixed two of our guitars, a strat knockoff that we thought would never be playable, as well as my Number 1, a blonde reissue tele. Both guitars now have excellent intonation (if anyone's gonna get them in tune, it's George) and play like new. He's also been brutally honest about the studio itself, offering dozens of helpful suggestions. Even though it's so clean that we can't find anything (where the hell did that guitar polish go?), I'm happy. Now, of course, it's back to the music. Remember the music?
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