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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I've been in Stamford CT since Saturday morning. Not much to say about Stamford. I used to live nearby, and have fond memories of that time, but it has nothing to do with geography, and everything to do with family. My neice was born here, and since she's wonderful, I'll lay off on the Stamford slagging. My brother managed a video store here, and he woked with Dennis Dunaway of the Alice Cooper band, so that's cool. I had dinner with him, a highlite of my tenure on the planet - a bit sad though, he was obviously damaged by his time with Alice, both physically and emotionally. Meeting one's heroes is a losing proposition, you'll most likely be let down in some way. I'm staying at what I have come to know as the worst Marriott in the world. The staff is awful, food horrible, weather...well that's not their fault. It is damn cold though, I've forgotten how cold it get's here on the coast of the Long Island Sound, and soon enough I will forget again, as I'm L.A. bound again. Yep, back to the Bonaventure, after a brief stop in Brooklyn to see the new SoundCraft console we just obtained for our studio. This traveling does have a number of up-sides. I won't have seen my Baby for a month and a half, which sucks, but hey, I got a SoundCraft mixing desk - made in England! In the world of Audio that's like having an Italian motor-cycle. Bragging rights for sure. Next? Maybe some Neve strips? Focusrite? Anybody know where a guy can get a Fairchild cheap? Tony, don't answer that - you'll just fill up my inbox with links to E-bay.

You guys certainly have an enviable studio setup now. Just got a distressing e-mail I'll send that says that the Quantegy Tape company (buyers of BASF and AMPEX) have closed their factory for good. I have made inquiries into whether or not anybody else is making magnetic tape anywhere else in the world. I'll keep you posted.

Could be a bad moon rising here...
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