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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Last night I hooked up with a friend of mine who's working for the travel staff that we work in conjunction with on these Big Pharma meetings. (BTW, Michael Moore was spotted near our hotel two days ago, instructions have been issued to not talk to any large man in a baseball cap.) I met this individual, my freind, when I was here a year and a half ago at the Century Plaza, and we bonded in the usual way, over weed. When I travel for work, I don't carry. It's bad business. Inevitably, we sniff out the local audio crew, or find a local park where gentlemen of leisure can be found, nine out of ten times a bag can be had. (Salt Lake was a bust, go figure. ) Anyway, my friend and I got together, made a pipe out of an apple - you can't call yourself a true Road Dog unless you've used this trick - and then he took me on a tour of our environs. We started by looking out our windows. I'm on the 29th floor of the Bonaventure, and I have an incredible view of Hollywood, but my friend pointed out all the downtown architecture that I had been looking past, the philharmonics, the 'Dragnet' building, the modern art museum, all very cool stuff. What I liked best though, was the interior design of the Bonaventure. It's something that one must experience, the concentric circles, the Bauhaus influence combined with the post modern 'cement' look. We discussed the natural fractals, and the various lighting effects that are created through the design of the building. It's no wonder why this hotel has been used in so many movies, 'In The Line Of Fire', 'True Lies', 'Forget Paris', and others including, I believe, 'Cheech And Chong's Nice Dreams' - the hotel does not advertise this last one, but I recognize it from the scene where Cheech is hanging naked off the outside elevators. I think I'm overdue on a 'Nice Dreams' blog. Anyway, I leave for Stamford CT tomorrow, and I have a few free hours, so my plan is to actually leave the hotel today, as I've been her for six days and have not made it past the curb. (My first night, last Friday, I went out to dinner with my boss and a freind of his in Burbank, I had never been there, I don't think I'll return.) Wish me luck.

Just what are you saying about audio crews? Oh yeah. i guess they do smoke weed.
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