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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

We Are The Road Crew

Motorhead's 'Ace of Spades' is the album that made Lemmy a legend, and it's in my top 10 for damn sure. Part of the reason is the song 'We Are The Road Crew'. I loved this song when I was a teenager, mostly because of the riff, which was one of the first things I could play on guitar. Nowdays, I spend about three to four months (on average) on the road every year, and this song pops into me cerebellum regularly, so I'd like to share it's plain but apt lyric with you.

Another town another place,
Another girl, another face,
Another truck, another race,
I'm eating junk, feeling bad,
Another night, I'm going mad,
My woman's leaving, I feel sad,
But I just love the life I lead,
Another beer is what I need,
Another gig my ears bleed,
We Are The Road Crew

Another town I've left behind,
Another drink completely blind,
Another hotel I can't find,
Another backstage pass for you,
Another tube of super glue,
Another border to get through,
I'm driving like a maniac,
Drive my way to hell and back,
Another room a case to pack,
We Are The Road Crew

Another hotel we can burn,
Another screw, another turn,
Another Europe map to learn,
Another truckstop on the way,
Another game I learn to play,
Another word I learn to say,
Another bloody customs post,
Another fucking foreign coast,
Another set of scars to boast,
We Are The Road Crew

All my adult life, ever since my adolescence, I wanted to be in a touring Rock band. I've been in plenty of bands, played hundreds of shows, but never got the chance to take it on the road. I have managed to find 'the life' as we call it, and I do tours, sleep in hotels, drink too much, eat shitty food, sleep very little, wake up disortiented, and as Jackson Browne said: "I get up, and do it again...ah yeah." Because I DO love the life I lead, and another beer IS what I need.
"That's Right!" - Lemmy

Great post Jackson... That tune used to pop up in my mind when I was traveling weekly as well. All of it would be tolerable if rock and roll was what had us out on the road instead of enterprise software integrations, process initiatives, pharma conferences etc...

Oh well, back to the grind...
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