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Monday, January 24, 2005


Is it me, or has blogging mellowed considerably since those fateful events in early November? It saddens me to think that it was all election driven. Blogging has been a great outlet for me, as it has my brother. I miss all the back and forth. Where's Hue? Better yet, where's Hector?

the election was a big moment for blogging and the amount of comments, traffic, and activity on my blog has come down too. but it's slowly building back up again and I may beat October's numbers for the first time in January.

your blog got a lot of loonies that were reacting to comments you made on my blog.

i think you might want to put sitemeter on your blog to get a sense of how much activity you've got.
I beleive:

More blogs, mean less time spent per blog by readers.

My theory:

1) Major events will always genrate spkie in traffice, just wait until 2008.

2) As blogging becomes more mainstream, the audience gets more passive.

3) More blogs being published means more time spent reading more blogs. i.e. active commentors are spreading their time across more blogs, breadth vs. depth.

4) Active commentors only have so much time per day to spend provididng "high quality" comments, i.e. comments/day is fixed

Therefore traffic is being distributed over an ever widening universe of blogs AND the number of commentors as a percentage of the overall readership in declining. As a result an individual site should see flatttened growth on visits with an overall decline in quality comments.

Any opposing opinions?
You're probably right. I'm just a lonely planet boy lost in L.A., and am looking for some social interaction.
Here's your damn comment.
Here's your damn comment.
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