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Thursday, March 10, 2005


Now that Johnny Cash has ascended to the great gig in the sky, that leaves Tom Petty as the coolest living american. I mean how cool is Tom Petty? He's super cool. I love Tom. Can you tell? Aside from the work he did with Johnny Cash in recent years, despite all the totally awsesome american music he's made over the course of nearly thirty years, forget that he toured with the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, the Georgia Sattelites and the Replacements. The number one reason Tom is totally awsome is the fact that he's a proud reefer head, just like me. That's right, me and Tom passin' the peace pipe. The number two reason Tom is fucking balls is this song off the Hard Promises album - "Something Big'. This song is undeniable, and unbeatable. I love his phrasing - "There's a little old place outside of town, might still have some wiiiiine, Speedball said forget it, can I have an outside line". I often thought that this song was inspired by the death of John Belushi. Give a listen, let me know. It's also totally awsome that Tom forced the hands of the record company back when he released this great record (contains A Woman In Love (But It's Not Me) and The Waiting) by threatening to call it the 5.99 album when they wanted to raise album prices to 6.99, a tactic borrowed by Metallica, but being boneheads the fucked it up and let the record go out as the 5.98 EP (or whatever, like, I don't buy Metallica records okay) and currently they have a record selling for fifteen bucks called the 5.98 EP, stupid rivet heads. Anyway, Tom is king, all hail Tom, coolest living american.

Something Big is a totally badass tune. Hard Promises is his best I believe, although he has so many great records that it's hard to nail down a run away best. He's the most consistant rock and roll artist ever.
It is really straight ahead rock, and that is why it is so good. He is truly one of the great american rock n' roll artists, Peter Bruntell of the UK reminds me alot of petty, probably why I like him so much. Westerberg doesn't remind me of him, at all, musically, but I love them both, for the same reasons, all their stuff is good, and most of it is great.
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