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Friday, April 08, 2005


God's Mum (Mrs. Badcramble): God, you'd better get up, you'll miss the best part of the day."
God (James Mason): "But I haven't invented the best part of the day yet, ah, got you there Mum, boxy clever I am."

You have to do the voice, it's funnier that way.

Eddie Izzard (www.eddieizzard.com) has been using James Mason and a host of others to conquer the world of comedy. It's working. He's got a mess of DVD's out now in the U.S., and they are all worth buying. I find his act to be extremely re-watchable, and that's what I look for in a DVD purchase. His approach to success in America is as unothadox as his attire. He avoided the comedy clubs, and instead booked long runs in small theaters, like the Westbeth here in NYC. He's since graduated to a larger scale. His strategy worked, much like that of Paul McGuiness (U2's manager). Tour, tour, tour. Get on the Telly. Tour, tour, tour. Eddies been makin' movies lately, but he's still churning out the stand-up. It's not stand-up in the classic American vein, it's more stand-up philosophy, historical based humor with the standard Seinfeldian 'Have you ever noticed..." observations thrown in for good measure, but remember he's English, so he measures in liters and such. I reccomend starting with Dressed To Kill, his 2000 award winning HBO special, taped in San Francisco, it's tailored to an American audience. Check out his site (above), it's a gas, and he even sells his own brand of wraps, that's right, IZZLA'S.

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