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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


As Chris and I begin the final wrapping up of the Lifeteen Project, which is sounding great, not withstanding a certain matter concerning the Kick drum on a few tracks - don't worry, it's not a big college town - I see that the Pope died. Historically speaking, there's no doubt that he's the best Pope ever, but he was still the leader of one of the most evil institutions man kind has developed, and we've developed some whoppers. I mourn the man, but despise the position and all it represents. Until the Catholic Church owns up to is various and sundry crimes against humanity, it continues to be a blight upon it. An institution so widespread, so ubiquitous, it has the power to do awesomely good things. Instead it uses it's consolidated power to repress and subjugate it's faithfull.
Jesus Is way cool. I'm way into Jesus. He get's quite a bit of coverage on the Lifeteen record, and I feel good to be a part of something good. This is the way I pray, and Jesus digs the sound.

I wonder if this blog is going to generate any controversy?

The Catholic Church is certainly guilt of a lot of wrongdoing - a LOT - and I certainly wouldn't defend it. But it came a long long way under Pope John Paul II - he managed to believe, say, and do things that pissed off both the right and the left. Pretty impressive.

He did visit former concentration camps, was the first Pope to officially visit Jerusalem, and did a lot for Christian/Jewish relations. He did seem to care about the poor (but lived with the rich). Heck, even Castro liked 'em.

In the neighborhood where I live - Greenpoint, Brooklyn - he's already been sainted. Let's hope the rest of the Church follows his example.
He was a great man. My blog is, as always, reactionary. Being hit over the head with pontiff worship pushes me to do so, but, I also have every right to despise the Catholic Church, some may have made it through unscathed, let's just leave it at - I did not. A great many have not.
I echo Chris's comments...

It's about time you got back to this blogging business.
I second what Anonymous said, but I think what pushed Jackson to blog this was that sick picture of the dead Pope on the cover of the NY Post.
I didn't see that photo. I'm talking more about the Church's stand on contraception, divorce, and buggering boys.
Is it okay if I bugger boys?
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