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Monday, April 25, 2005


I found this on Hue's 'I Hate Huezine' blog (www.huezine.blogspot.com) about the Autism Action Alert, which is a cause that Hue is passionate about, and I commend him for it....

Unfortunatley Anonymous said...

"Nice love fest, I am so glad you and blogosphere have kissed and made up. You both have a soft spot for retards, isn't that special.

I still think your blog sucks.

You slam Republicans every chance you get then all of the sudden you like Rick Santorum because of he is sponcering a bill for retards! You are a joke!

You like republicans as long as they back your lame causes?

There are a lot more important things in this country to worry about other than tards."

Anonymous is a Coward. Austism is not a lame cause. Anonymous hates 'tards'. Anonymous can't spell sponsor. It seems to me, and I 'd love to be shown an example of Liberal Hate Blogging, that all the hate I see on the comments comes from the right. I have never seen a hate comment come from the left.

UPDATE: This just in from Huezine's comments:

"first of all, go fuck yourself jackson." - Anonymous

I'm first! Before anything else, I get to fuck myself, yay! Would if I could Anonynous, would if I could.

Thanks for the kind words.

autism is a big deal and I take it very seriously.

Here's the article that got Anonymous' stained underwear in a bundle...

NAAR (National Alliance for Autism Research) is asking you to contact your Senators in Washington, DC and urge them to co-sponsor S-843, the "Combating Autism Act of 2005," which was introduced this week by Senators Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Christopher Dodd (D-CT). The bill would
provide $880 million for federal autism research, treatment and public awareness programs over the next five years.

Check out this link to find out more:

Thanks Again
Hue B. Mooksuki, proud father of a 3 year old son living with Autism
I recommend to anyone, but especially to Hue, something called Songbook by Nick Hornsby. It is a book of essays and an accompanying CD. Hornsby writes an essay for each of his favorite songs (sounds like something Ted would do). Nick Hornsby is the guy that wrote the books that became the movies High Fidelity and About A Boy, in case you don't recognize the name. Among these essays is a beautiful piece with a post-modern twist on the Badly Drawn Boy song that appears on the soundtrack to About A Boy. In it he paints a picture of what it is like to be the father of an autistic boy and eloquently expresses his hopes and fears for his son. Now I can't listen to the Badly Drawn Boy song without getting misty. The rest of the book is pretty cool too and I believe the proceeds go to Nick Hornsby's son's school.
Thanks for recomendation Clarkie. I'll be checking it out right away.
This dude goes on a partisan rant without checking the affiliation of the bill's sponsors. What a dope.

Continue to do the good you do Hue and never mind wankers like Anon. If I was a father of an autistic kid I would hardly give a shit which side of the isle support, relief, aid, etc... came from. Keep us posted on the bills outcome and good luck.

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