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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Tony Alva sent the ADATs (3 sets of 3) and last week Chris and I started the process of loading in 13 songs of about 18 to 24 tracks each. This is the Record that Chris and I went down to Tony's Grey Cat Sound, just outside Atlanta, to record. Lifeteen is a Catholic youth organization, and the Holy Trinity parish (Peachtree I think???) has this kick ass band, and, well, Tony somehow roped 'em into recording, and now the thing has really taken off. There's a lot of interest and participation from the community, and it's just a pleasure to a part of something that so many people are very serious about, and at the same time manage to keep a sense of humour and fun about the project. It also sounds good. We made two trips down last fall to do the basic tracking, and Tony finnished up tracking final vocals and guitar overdubs over the winter. Now it's our time in the sandbox. Once the songs got dumped into our computer, Chris and I began to make nominal mixes to get our heads wrapped around it. I am very pleased to announce that it's sounding Reel good, ha ha, I wish. Real good is good enough, and that's what it is.

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