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Thursday, April 07, 2005


There's a lot happening out here at Smoke And Mirrors. Not only are we mixing the Lifeteen record, but the esteemed Chan Chandler (www.chanchandler.com) has brought us a number of songs he wants us to record, we begin tracking on Saturday. We also have been working with a local band, Geek Farm, on a full-length LP. KIDD's rercord is coming along, and I'd say it's the best work he's done. Our own Brain Shivers record has resurfaced after a few months of dormancy, and I've started my own EP of good old fashioned Rock tunes, all of which were written on my 5 string Keith tuning guitar. Someday, I suppose I'll go back to my day job, but for now, well let's just say unemployment has kept me real busy.

Did "For The People" make the final cut for the KIDD record? Did "Man Spouse, Women Spouse" come to fruition? The guys at work loved the rough cuts of those tracks along with "Changed Man". KIDD's record is gonna rock!
I don't think KIDD has decided yet what will end up on the record, but he's no George Vitray, and I suppose he'll release all the tracks he's been working on.
K I Doubles (as he's also known) was out on the West Coast for a while, doing some live work with his brother Ice-A-Tone. The record is very close, but it's always that last push that's the hardest (just ask your mother).

Brain Shivers - now there's a blast from the past. Some of the songs on that record are older than... well, they're gettin' old. I want this record done, but as the Rolling Stones once said, "I saw her today at the reception" or something like that.
I actually had a history professor in college quote "You can't always get what you want' in his lesson plan, attributing it to a pair of great english philosophers. I was the only student that got his little joke, of course I was twenty-eight at the time, ah college, the best ten years of my life.
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