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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Somebody asked me how I liked the new Pope. What? He hasn't done anything but have his picture taken, give it some time eh? I do, however, like his eggs, so on that note here's my recipe for Eggs Pope Benedict XVI:

Fry eight eggs over easy. Fry and slice some German Bratwurst. Place the slices on 4 (8 halves) toasted English miffins. Place the eggs on top, and douse with a gallon of Hollandaise (egg yolks, butter, lemon juice). Eating this should kill you in about the same period of time as the Papacy of Pope John Paul the First.

I guess they were able to finda the pope in da pizza really quick this time.

Now get back to re-mixing and handing out all those keys!
Well, he's gotten his picture taken... and given a speech that seems to imply that he wants to the church to become more, not less conservative. Personally, I think that the conservatism is not something of which to be proud (i.e., how about birth control, so that there are fewer unwanted children in the world? how about condoms, so that AIDs won't continue to spread like wildfire? how about more transparency in the church so that pedophile preists don't get shuffled from parish to parish with impunity?). Also, I know he was just a kid, but it still makes me uncomfortable that he was in the Nazi party, even if my feelings are irrational.

Plus he sorta looks like "Chucky."
If John Paul II had made his position clear early on, I find it hard to believe he would have gotten in. The Catholic Church is, and always has been, the most pervasivley conservative institution. Why do you think Status Quo is in latin? Not the band though, they're eglish, and slightly less conservative than the Pope.
True enough about JPII... I know lots of people won't agree, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't a great thing for the world, either. A band called "Pope," however, is something I can really get behind. Christy
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