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Sunday, May 15, 2005


My apologies to the good people of Dallas. The last time I was here I was a bit hard on this town, basically accusing Dallas of being a sleepy, boring cow-town, with nothing going on except the ghost of JFK wandering around Dealy Plaza saying to himself; "Lone Gunman, hmmm, sounds like a TV show."
Well I was wrong. They got it going on in Oaklawn, the Chelsea of Big 'D'. Down here the ladies refuse to be outdone by the men, and the lesbian bars are as hoppin' as their male oriented counterparts. So much so that it's kinda hard to tell one from the other. In fact it's so happening that a large minority of the clientel are straight folk who want to party like it's 1999. You can start the night at J.R.'s, as we did, then cross the street to Sue Ellen's (yes that's right, these people do have a sense of humor about themselves) and so on, hitting all the bars during their hour of drink specilas. They call it a 'bar run'. All the clubs offer an hour of specials that rotate so you tend to drift through the whole strip over the course of the evening. It's great for business, and your wallet. You see many of the same faces throughout the night, and everyone is freindly. I can now reccomend Dallas, maybe not for a vacation, but it's as good a spot to do Sales Meetings as anywhere...except Hawaii, and Cancun, and Palm Springs, and.....okay so there's lot's of better places, but Big 'D' is okay with me.

The question is, are they tolerant of the Formerly Gay as well?
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