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Monday, May 02, 2005


I moved this weekend. It took me the better part of two weeks, off and on, to aggregate my matter for relocation. All I own comes down to: Books, Records, and Clothes. I parted with many articles of clothing, but something inside me makes me horde books, and then there's the record collection. Twelve milk-crates of vinyl (plus a bankers box). I had been estimating it's girth at eleven hundred volumes, sadly I was short of that mark by one hundred and twenty-one. 979 is where I stand. I didn't count the books, I don't feel the same way about books. I don't really collect them, I just don't throw them away. I give them away alot, lending without expecting a return. I don't mind, I want people to read. Vinyl on the other hand, well that's an obsession really. During my inventory I noticed two LP's missing. Out of 979, I actually knew that I was missing my Bob Marley 'Burnin', and my Jeff Beck 'Wired'. Turns out 'Wired' was actually Andy's (mine wen't missing long ago) and he had lent 'Burnin', along with my Staples Singers record to a mutual freind who has since returned them to the fold. I found out recently that you can buy milk-crates now. That takes all the fun out of it. I am proud to say that every one of my twelve milk crates is stolen property. So now I must go and purchase twenty-one records, and steal two more crates. - come and get me milk cops!

Damn, and I only have about 500 records. I never liked standard milk crates because they left so much space at the top of the records if you stored them in them. Do you have some secret or you just don't mind that?

The standard rectangular (not cubic) milk crate holds approx 73 records. The space left over at the top is perfect for shoe boxes full of cd's. The smaller crates hold less, and therefore aren't good for records.
Oh yeah, I think my other big problem was that the records stuck out over the top of the crate, when sitting on its bottom, that you can't really put anything on top of them. Maybe I'm nitpicking. Maybe I should start defending creation in court.
There are two kinds of people in the world, those who make do with what is, and those who make what is not, so they can do. I don't mind that the records stick out, it makes it easier to flip through them.
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