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Monday, May 09, 2005


I took my Baby to the MET to see the Chanel exhibit. At first I saw it as a trade off, I wanted to see the Arbus (which was great, see Jason' post - http://chervokas.typepad.com/trickster/2005/04/diane_arbus_rev.html), and she wanted to see the Chanel. Well, much to my surprise I quite enjoyed Cocco's show. It's more than clothes and jewelry, it's more than fashion, it's art in a conscious sense. I am no fashion expert, but the class, style, and elegance of her creations go beyond trend. I found myself fascinated with the quotes that accompany the vitrenes; one from Cocco, one from Karl. In reading them I got a sense of the artists that looking at the suits could not give me. Not that the suits weren't impressive, but alas, I find women's clothing much more exciting when there's a woman in it.

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