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Friday, May 20, 2005


In the eighties Fishbone were just about the greatest band in the world. They had it all, chops, groove, songs, and a stage show that tore off more roofs than any other. I saw them more times than I can count, most memorably at the old Ritz (now Webster Hall for you young 'uns) with the Chilli Peppers. Today, Flea and Anthony are millionaires, and Angelo? I don't know. Somebody tell me what happened. I blame the recording industry, and their racist policies. Balck bands have always had a hard time being promoted by the record labels. The musical difference between the Chillis and Fisbone is virtually non existant, and arguably, Fishbone was the better band, but Fishbone got bounced from label to label, pressured to sound more heavy (like Living Color) or R&B (like sensible black groups). In the end, lack of promotion, and thusly dwindling sales and interest led to the decline of a great band. This from a review of their recent spot at Jazzfest.

"They're just one of those bands that survives by riding in a bus all year with a legacy of smart, good music and loyal fans. "

They ripped Jazzfest this year, but did you hear about it?

If you're not in the know, check out their 1985 self-titled EP, 1988's 'Truth and Soul', or 1991's 'The Reality of My Surroundings' for the evidence. Personally I like the heavier, and less commercial sound of 1993'S 'Give a Monkey a Brain', but if you like funk, metal, and soul, coupled with humour and political relevance, then Fishbone is the band for you.

"How I wish.........Everyday Sunshine"

I' m a HUGE fishbone fan!!

truth or soul has a great cover of curtis mayfield's "freddies dead" from the superfly soundtrack.

Also Ma and Pa and Ghetto soundwave!!!

great cd!!! and another great blog
Somehow, Hue, I had a feeling you were a FISHBONE fan......
For a very brief time, before the original band broke up, the guitarist went all cultish, the band tried to kidnap him, and all that bad craziness....Fishbone was the best band in America.

I missed that legendary show, but saw maybe 4 or more other Fishbone gigs. All I can say is that it's too bad Fishbone at its best was never captured on tape, tho' I do think Truth and Soul and the Reality of My Surroundings are terrific albums.
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