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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Feild reporter Tony Alva get's the scoop of the week. At the Stones press conference yesterday, and during the three songs played at the Lincoln Center, no cigarette's were seen being consumed by notorious tobacco hounds, and champions of addictive behavior, Keith Richards and Ron Wood. Can it be true? The 'Ask Keith' section of keithrichards.com has new video clips of Keith responding to questions posed by fans, and the smoking is suspiciously absent there as well. Tony also says the evidence is in Keith's voice, which, says Tony, is more clear and a bit higher in tone than it has been in many years. Smoking was what kept Keith mortal. A non-smoking Keith could well last into the next millenium.

It'd be tough for anybody to believe my opinion objective when it comes to the Stones, but I gotta say, Keith and Mick looked and sounded great. Yeah, there's some sagging under the chin, but the two of'em looked 15 years younger than their age.

WE MUST GO SEE THEM! We should drag Chris with us as well.
after reading your blog last night I kicked back and watched "gimme shelter" and was thinking about how much I love the Stones.
In your honor, I did not watch AI last night.

But I'm still happy the dude that sang Celen Dion songs got the boot!

keep up the great work.

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