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Monday, May 09, 2005


I've read all the books. I saw the early eighties BBC TV show. I waited years for the feature film, and finally the moment arrived. Well, I really liked Mos Def, he seemed to 'get it', Bill Nighy is fast becoming my favorite actor, and Sam Rockwell as Zaphod was a perfect choice. But, well, it was just okay. I think it was just too much to try and do in a movie, and Douglas Adams' dry wit doesn't seem to translate well on the big screen. There are some great moments, but over all, I was underwhelmed.

Thanks for the heads up, perhaps I'll save my money and just remember the books.
I was also pretty disappointed with it. The beginning was promising, but then it was (awfully flat)humor in search of a plot. The director did a horrible job with the actors, the characters and the pacing.

I actually didn't like Rockwell as Zaphod. He was charmless and it was never clear why Trillian would be with such a loser.

Every few days I want to go see it again on the off chance that, maybe, it got better when I wasn't there. So sad because I loved the books.

Personally, I rather enjoyed it.

Obviously it's not the books, and a lot of Adams' charm gets lost in the translation to the screen, but overall I think the film was true to the spirit of the books. The was a hard one to turn into a movie.

Some moments really moved me, like when Slartibartfast and Arthur enter the "factory floor" in Magrathea, and the way the song "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish" dipped into a little melancholy bit when Douglas Adams' name appeared in the credits. I thought the Vogons were great.

Sam Rockwell was SUPPOSED to be charmless as Zaphod. Zaphod was an arrogant asshole in the books, don't forget, and it's never really clear why Trillian would end up with him except for the fact that, well, he had a spaceship.

The whole point of view gun thing was a bit unnecessary, but honestly the plot was mostly true to the book. Mos Def and Arthur were great, I thought.

I am a HUGE fan of the books. I've read them all many many many times, and I was prepared for a disaster. But in the end I thought it worked, the pacing was just off kilter enough for me.

But that's just me.
Have never read the books, but it seems like Chris's comment, re: "it's never really clear why Trillian would end up with him except for the fact that, well, he had a spaceship." Proves a fact that I've made to Jackson many times much to his chagrin,

Chicks dig cars...
I have no doubt as to the allure of a nice machine, but I gotta say that my sex life only got better after I gave up owning a car 12 years ago. Matbe it's because chicks dig cash too.....no car = more cash.
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