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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


"GREENBELT, Maryland (AP) -- Two groups filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday to block a health curriculum that would allow discussions of homosexuality with eighth graders, and a video to be shown to sophomores demonstrating how to use a condom. Parents must sign permission forms for their children to take part in the health curriculum and parents can sit in on the sessions. Families also can choose alternatives that include abstinence-only programs." - CNN

So what's wrong with that?

And this is absurd:

"However, those suing argue the county does not do enough to stress abstinence or allow people the groups describe as formerly gay to present their views." - CNN

Formerly gay? The only formerly gay people are curently dead people.

I, too, am sickened when I think about how few opportunities there were for me, as an American child attending public school in the 80's, to hear more from formerly gay people. The fact that formerly gay people have been so silenced, so discriminated against, so marginalized by our society is appalling. How many formerly gay kids think they're the only formerly gay kids? How many currently gay kids, struggling over whether to become formerly gay, give up for lack of role models? It's time to unfurl the Formerly Gay Pride Flag (sort of a washed out rainbow design, like the milk left at the bottom of a bowl of Lucky Charms) and strike up a little Formerly Gay Pride Parade. "We're here! We were queer! We're no longer coming for your rear!"
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