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Friday, May 13, 2005


Andy Rock's Vinyl Nite died it's untimely death when I took my records back, but Thursday night at Olive's still rocks. Andy has introduced an open mic night dedicated to METAL. When Andy, Chris 'Formerly The Guy' Peters, and I took the stage, I gave the house a Roots of METAL set, which opened with the prerequisite Andy/Jackson rocking out of Lou's 'Sweet Jane' a la 'Rock and Roll Animal', then Andy suggested some Zeppelin. Well I've never done a Zeppelin song in all my twenty years of performing, until last night. We did 'Immigrant Song' and 'Good Times, Bad Times'. Now, I do not have the pipes required to sing a reverential version, so I gave both tunes a Johnny Rotten feel, and y'know.....it worked. And what's more, it was fun. We then turned the night over to endless riffage of thrash, and I played pool.

Hey- it's Erica! My roommate and I were just googling people and I googled Andy Rock and found this!!! Rock on. Is this Ted? write me an email erosianexile@gmail.com .
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