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Monday, May 09, 2005


SEATTLE, Washington (AP) -- A woman who sued a neighbor after his dog mauled her cat to death has been awarded more than $45,000. Retired teacher Paula Roemer's 12-year-old cat, Yofi, was attacked in her back yard in February 2004 by a chow belonging to her neighbor, Wallace Gray. The dog had repeatedly escaped in the past, according to the lawsuit.
Roemer, 71, said the death of the black and white cat left her with sleep disturbances, panic attacks and depression, causing her to begin smoking heavily. The amount awarded included $30,000 for the pet's special value and $15,000 for emotional distress. - CNN

Am I alone in seeing this as a sign that things are getting out of control? The damn cat was tewlve years old, it was gonna die soon anyway. She should be thankful the Chow put the cat down for her.

Err... can't cats live for 20 years if not mauled to death?

I don't know about $45,000, but if anyone or anything threatened my golden retriever, (god forbid killed her in my own back yard) there would be serious hell to pay. Pets parasitize our evolved mechanisms for child rearing, causing among other things, upregulated oxytocin. That makes us as attached to them as we are to kids. Dog owners are responsible for what their dogs do, and should be held accountable, so I really don't see the issue here.

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