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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Like it or not, that's what we got. One America is ruled by a King, who's cronies obey his every command. The problem is that the other half still view this country as a democracy, or at least a republic.

At a Republican Party event Tuesday night, Bush (the King) demanded that senators approve his picks (judicial nominees) without further delay.

He's demanding, that's very monarchial.

The division is getting worse. The gap is growing. We are at war, and the administration is busy closing down military instillations, and privatizing any aspect of the military they can. We are at war because the King wanted one, but he obviously doesn't want to win it. Why could that be? I think he's setting the stage for his buddies, the Saudis, to move in and annex Iraq - for oil, which we buy, from the King. He is not concerned about terrorism, if he was, we'd be concentrating on Al Queda - an international terror organization, and not Iraq, a divided country on the brink of civil war - a situation of instability brought on by our, sorry, His war.

In Stephen King's novel 'The Dead Zone', this question is asked of a Polish holocaust survivor:

If you could go back in time and kill Hitler beforer he came to power, would you?

He couldn't answer.

I can.......

The Saudi's will not annex Iraq...

Bush may not be a brilliant man, but he does want to win the war...

The military IS focused on Al Queda...

Iraqi's will NOT let their country degenerate into civil war...

You must be having a bad day down there. I played hooky and worked on Katie's mansion (i.e. The Playhouse).

As your attoruney I advise you to have multiple beers once the conference is over for the day.
I don't think you read the same news I do.....
What news service do you subscribe to, Fantasyland Daily?
Kinda hard to breathe with your head in the sand dude...
We read the same news, but I run what I read through the bullshit screed.

Read the Iraqi blogs to get a better feel for what IRAQI'S think, not CNN (aka Fantasyland Daily).

Read the blog's of embedded journalists and soldiers to get a better idea of what the military is doing.

I agree with you on the filabuster thing. It's the rep's throwing their majority weight around and it will backfire on them at a later time surely.

The Saudi's have their own problems with all this talk about freedom making trouble for their repressive ways. GOOD. Our job is to help them transition in anyway we can.

I'm breathing just fine...
I'll do that, if you'll read some history - put this thing in perspective - I think you might benefit if you pull back your focus a bit...
The sand bit was a bit much, sorry.
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