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Friday, June 10, 2005


Thanks to Tony Alva and his lovely wife, I found Eat More Records in Lawrenceville Ga, and consequently bought the requisite 8 LPs that put my vinyl collection at an even grand. The latest entries:
Joe Ely - Mustanottagottalotta
Joe Ely - Down On The Drag
Buddy Holly - 20 Golden Greats
Lou Reed - Live (the second batch of songs from the Rock And Roll Animal tour)
Lou Reed - New Sensations
Blind Willie McTell - Trying To Get Home (1949)
10cc - Greatest Hits

I wanted my one thousandth album to be special, and though all these records are special, the winner is:

Television - Marquee Moon (Rhino re-isue on 180 gram vinyl)

A record I could not find in NYC for less that thirty dollars, bought brand new in Ga, for 16.99. Score.

f'ing a, good job with the Marquee Moon. That MUST come to the studio for a test playing over the big monitors. Great record, and a 180 gram rerelease is even better.

Oh yeah, that's another band we have in common.
I think we left Tom F'in Petty off that list too....
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