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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Earlier this year Cider realeased their 'They Are The Enemy' EP, which was recoreded in our studio, and mixed by Chris. This was the first actaul release (on Painkiller Records) that Chris or I had anyhing to do with (mostly Chris, I was there for some of the action). Look for a forthcoming release from the Darvocets (www.noncommercialrecords.com) which was recorded here as well. Check out the merchandising section of their site if for no other reason than the chick modeling the Darvocets t-shirts.
Just last week, New Creation released their debut 'I Surrender All' independantly, but have sold thousands of copies through their christian rock network. We recorded that one at Tony Alva's Grey Cat Sound outside Atlanta, and then mixed it here at Smoke and Mirrors.
Currently we are working on a record with Acquiesce, a New York based hard rock band. Three of the songs will be mixed at Electric Lady studios for release in time to support their headlining spot at Bowery Ballroom on July 7. We will continue to record and mix the album proper, which will include the same three songs, plus nine more. This record will be picked up by a Finnish label, and the band plans to leverage it's success into a deal with an American label soon.
After years of hard work, it's nice to see some payoff. My name on a CD insert sold in stores is the biggest payoff yet, but I'll take the money as well.

Yeah, my Darvocets t Shirt doesn't look quite as good on me as it does on her...

We have a little pile of "Made at Smoke and Mirrors" things going. Some vinyl and CD's. Not everyone who records with us sends a finished product, I guess because a lot of them (especially in the early days) were demos to get gigs, etc. But when something is packaged and sold for real, i's f'in inspiring.

Non Commercial Records has released quite a bit of stuff they did with us - the Cider EP, the Darvocets CD (to be released on vinyl in August), the Wolfdowners record ("Wolf It Down," also released on vinyl), Brainwashed Youth (7" called "Testing British Accents", also "No More Jellybeans"), and some other stuff. These guys are GETTIN THE SHIT DONE.

Prepping the Aquiesce tracks for Electric Lady took the entire weekend. I got to do a bit of singing and synth playing as well. Very tiring, but we put it up on the speakers at Skyway Studios with no effects and it sounded great. It better slam when it gets back from the Lady.

I'd love to get copies of the vinyl you've done now that Jackson coersed me into buying a turntable. I should listen to him more actually. The vinyl we spun sounded so damn good, I've move the turntable into the hometheater system and Cathy's been down there spinning her 80's crap. Even it sounds good.

How do I get my hands on Pace/Wilson productions enmasse?
Not from Us! Ha Ha. Go to:www.noncommercialrecords.com for the Clevo vinyl


www.painkillerrecords.com for the Cider EP

or hunt dowm Mr. Paul E. Wog, he's the man gettin' the shit done.

We'll let you know about the Acquiesce....which does sound real good at Skyway, dry, and pre Lady.
The Darvocets t-shirt Girl - very nice.

She's my "T-Shirt Model of the Week"
You can also search for the records through Yahoo or Google, by title - a lot of little record stores (and online stores) carry the stuff.
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