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Thursday, June 02, 2005


Hue brought up the whole Alt Country thing on a previous post, and it got me thinking. I'm no expert, but I know it begins with Graham Parsons, John Fogerty, and The Byrds 'Sweetheart To The Rodeo'. Later Chris Hillman hooks up with J.D. Souther who in turn pals around with Henley and Frey, and the whole So Cal country rock thing exploded, while at the same time Willie and Waylon put together the "Wanted! The Outlaws' record which pushed country toward rock as much as the others were pushing rock into country. But then what? Between then and now, I can only come up with one name - Joe Ely. I suggest to anyone who likes the Jayhawks or Uncle Tupelo (or the spawn thereof) to rush out and buy themselves some Joe Ely. I started with Live Shots, recorded while on tour in England with The Clash, and if that doesn't hook you, well then you're all fad and no trad.

Danny Gatton, J.J. Cale...
and Steve Earle....
Great post (as usual)

Joe Ely, awesome reference, he was in The Flatlanders and (i think) the Super Seven.

I have a friend who is WAY into Alt.country, and he has made me some pretty awesome mix discs.

Here are some others Alt.Country's of note.
Lone Justice
John Hiatt
Lyle Lovett
Keith Sykes
Texas Tornados
The Blasters
Dave Alvin
Old 97's
Steve Earle
Kris Kristofferson
Los Lobos
John Prine
Junior Brown
Wayne Hancock
Hacienda Brothers
D.B. Harris
Two Dollar Pistols
The Mavericks
Correct on both the Flatlanders and the Super Seven, and how could I leave out the Blasters!
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