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Friday, June 10, 2005


Rolling Stone magazine call the White Stripes the best band in the world. What? A band consists of more than one musician. Neil Young is an artist, DEVO is a band - are we clear? The White Stripes is an artist that pretends to be a band. Even if Meg had any talent or input, and she most certainly does not, they would then be an act, not a band or group. Two people is still not a band (or group). The Everly Brothers were not a band. Simon and Garfunkel were not a band. Jeez. Oh yeah, and the Rolling Stones are the greatest band in the world - STILL.

Yes, this is a joke, 'though not a surprise. I think the editors at Rolling Stone are living in some sort of parallel universe where up is down and cats and dogs sleep together. Where time flows backward and broken tea cups gather their pieces and fly back onto the table, where people are born old and grow younger, where technology gets simpler, the rich get poorer, and saying "The White Stripes Are The Greatest Band In The World" makes perfect sense.
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