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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Our little crew went out on the town last night. As I mentioned previously we started the night with dinner at Six Feet Under, a cool kitchy seafood place. We had to wait for seating on the upstairs patio, so the six of us sat at the bar and had drinks and appetizers - alligator bites, u peel 'em shrimp, and six feet under oysters (stuffed with ham and cheese, breaded and baked). It's called Six Feet Under because it's across the street from a cemetery, and that was the view from the upstairs patio where we had our main course. Catfish was the order of the day, two people ordered the georgia fried catfish, and one person had it blackened. One person had shrimp and grits, another the Alaska king crab (which I sampled), and I went with the fried combo basket (shrimp, scallops, oysters, hush puppies). Fried okra and greens were ordered for the table. For desert we asked our waitress to bring us one of everything to share; chocolate mousse, key lime pie, mixed berry pie, apple pie. I highly reccomend Six Feet Under, not only for the food, the atmosphere, and the easy on the eyes staff, but for the beer selection as well. I was on the Spaten, but they had a great selection of other draughts as well. Don't forget to check out the massive magnolia tree across the street, we were fortunate in that it happened to be in bloom. During the cab ride back to the hotel somebody mentioned the Claremont Lounge. Unsure, but speculating that it was a drag club, half our party asked to be dropped off at the hotel, while the more adventurous half continued on to the Claremont. Well it ain't no drag club, in fact it's just not very easy to classify. Biker chick titty bar would come close, but still not exactly right. Imagine combing trailer parks for talent, and putting the cute ones behind the bar, and the larger ones on the stage. If, like me, you rate your club experiences by the vomit in the urinal, well then the Claremont is exceptional. One of our party was beside himself, actually appaled is more like it, but the other two of us (including your depraved servant Jackson) found it to be fascinating in an amusement park/train wreck sort of way. I enjoyed the Claremont, and found the staff and the clientel to be affable. If your looking for the wild side of Atlanta, the somewhat expansive underbelly if you will, then the Claremont Longe is for you. I know I'll be back.
There was an abortive attempt to go swimming back at the hotel, we were kindly informed by the hotel security that the pool was closed. We knew that, we just didn't care.

Kudo's to whomever it was that made the Claremont Lounge call. It was this humble establishment that saw Tony Alva's last live performance in front of a paying crowd as a regular guest singer with the legendary Hot Mustard. It is everything that you have described. Had I known you were headed there I'd have sent you futher east on Ponce to Little Five Points. You may recall being there many years ago on our juant to the ATL. Lot's of cool clubs with new music playing. As a matter of fact, our old friend and H. Mustard guitar player Kirk owns a joint down there.

Have a safe trip back to Gotham Jackson. Katie wanted to know last night as I put her down to bed, "...when's Jackson coming home?". You're a lady killer my man. Legal Diva better watch out!
we knew that, we just didn't care

could be the name a of a great blog!
You know, all I saw was the title of the post and thought "Crew Slut" right away. Hah.

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