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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


In 1986 The Georgia Sattelites released thier eponymous debut featuring a little song called 'Keep Your Hands To Yourself'. The song was so successful, it crossed over to novelty status, and before they even had a second record, they were labelled 'one hit wonders'. Now Dan is cool with it, that song has opened doors for him, he's producing records, and playing guitar, and he's happy, but I'm not. I want more Dan Baird product, but the recording industry isn't as interested in Dan as I am. Hell Dan isn't as interested in himself as I am. After three great records the Sattelites broke up, and Dan released his first solo record in 1989. You may remember 'I love You Period' which was a minor hit, but man does that record smoke. Love Songs For The Hearing Impared is one of my all time favorites, and is arguably better that the first Sattelites record. He followed that record with Buffalo Nickel, and then......well very little. Dan! I need a new record from you!

I need to get the Baird record you mention. The GA Satellites were the last of the fun trad rock-n-roll bands. They made imperfect records that sounded like they were as much fun to make as they were to listen to. I think all the guys in that band were surprised at the success they suddenly found themselves in the midst of. They were truly fun to see live and never disappointed. Out of all the shows you and I have seen together, the GA Sat’s at The Chance is the one I recall the most vividly and remember being an absolute blast. Chuck Berry/Stones songs with an updated drum sound. They were the band that if I had the talent put a band together I'd want to sound the most like. Shitty top pick up tele's plugged directly into Fender amps just grinding away, man is it awesome. George and Chris would probably hate the sound of GA Sat records, but I love’em. I saw them on the bill for music midtown fest 4 years ago and since they came on ahead of Paul Rogers, I said , “what the hell, I’ll go see what they’re doing…” Neither Dan or Rick was in the band line-up and therefore, they weren’t the GA Sat’s to me. It sucked.

Then Paul Rogers came on, made my wife swoon like a 16 year-old seeing Justin Timberlake, made me feel quite inferior by the power and perfection of his voice, and I forgot about the travesty I’d witnessed moments before.
I miss the old bands that weren't afraid of a little "loose-ness" (not a real word but you know what I mean).

I really liked the GA Sats.

I'm curious Jackson, I can't recall you bloggin about alt.country.rock bands like: Uncle Tupelo, Old 97's, Whiskeytown, Son Volt, DeRailers, Joe Henry, Etc...

The "loose-ness" is what I love about bands like that...


I only aspire to know everything, alas, I'm not as educated on alt country as I should be, oh sure I can drop names like Uncle Tupelo, the Jayhawks, Son Volt, or Wilco (talk about incest) but I wouldn't really know what I'm talking about, my brother (avc.blogs.com) is much more well versed than I in such matters, so is my other brother for that matter...
Man, that's a lot of brother's...
Good news. A live record is on its way and Dan is touring Europe this summer/autumn to raise funds for a new studio record.
Check out www.danbaird.net once in a while, I'll add info on those records as soon as i know more...
And BTW buy 'Out Of Mothballs'.
See www.danbaird.net/mothballs.htm You'll get that ole GS feeling.
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