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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Ok, so I don't live on the west side - I'm out in Brooklyn, but I gotta say I'm a bit sad about the decision. I would have loved to take the subway to see the Jets, and I was actually hoping to attend an Olympic event before I die. Too bad for me. The reality is it would mean some seriously messy sundays for the folks who live there, but man, The Jets! So let's find another spot. How about we get rid of one of the two too many baseball statiums we have, I mean baseball sucks anyway.

Fill us in dude, us non-Gotham dwellers haven't heard the news on this...
Well, the state basically said "No we will not have the taxpayers foot the bill for a $2 billion stadium for the Jets and a prossible Olympics." Mayor Bloomberg said "Pretty please with sugar on top, by the way I'm rich," but the State still said "No way Jose, sorry we mean Mike, it ain't gonna happen," so now we won't have a Football Arena/Convention Center/Olympic Games thingy on the West Side, which would have been a huge nightmare anyhow, would never have put as much money into the economy as it took out (they never do), would have made traffic many times worse, would have diverted money and time away from rebuilding Ground Zero.

The Jets should go to Queens! That's where they're from, Jackson can still take the subway to see them, and.. well.. I guess the taxpayers would still have to pay for it.

How about if we take the Yankee's payroll and apply it to a football stadium?
How about we take the Yankees and have them build it, earn some of their STUPID cash for a change.
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