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Monday, June 13, 2005


So now it's out that Phillip Cooney, Chief of Staff of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, changed documents to downplay global warming - a very real natural occurance due to greenhouse-gas emissions that are causing global temperatures to rise. Why would he do that? Because his boss is in cahoots with the Saudis and wants to keep us oil dependant. Hmm, where else is there oil to be found in abundance......

Listen, I could give a rat's ass about oil, the Saudis, the environment, greenhouse gas, the ice age, or any of that crap. All I know is it's costing me an arm and a leg to fill up my BMW SUV and sit on the LIE to get to the BBQ out on LI, and I'm PO'ed. I blame the dessert, maybe that's what's warming up the greenhouse. Maybe we need to drop a few more bombs, that'll cool 'em down.

Give me cheap gas or give them death!
I'm to understand that cow farts are doing more to deplete the ozone than SUV's. Nonetheless, not a big fan of the uberSUV's myself unless you've got enough kids to warrant it. Drive what you need, not for the one trip to the VIBE Showcase concert one might attend once a year.

I read an excerpt from a Micheal Chriton(sp?) book in which he says, after 2 years of looking into the whole greenhouse thing, says there's nothing to it.
I'm not sure I'm going take Mr. Chriton's word as fact, I'll listen to the science community on that account. I believe we're long overdue for a break from oil dependancy, regardless of the greenhouse effect, oil is trouble these days.
Well, if Michael Crichton says so, after two years of exhaustive research, then I guess it's true.

The "greenhouse effect" is actually a naturally occurring phenomenon whereby the atmosphere absorbs radiation and transmits heat to the surface of the earth. Without the "greenhouse effect" there would be no life on our planet, maybe Crichton forgot about that.

"Global Warming" has to do with an "Enhanced Greenhouse Effect." There is no question that there has been a warming trend in the last 100 years, but there have always been warming and cooling trends. Scientists are rightly concerned that the burning of fossil fuels has added CO2 to the atmosphere and may have accelerated this warming. But no on knows for sure, not even Michael Crichton.

CO2, from the burning of fossil fuels, is the gas scientists are most concerned about, not methane.
I'd be more concerned about my own farts, they is some stinky ass farts.
We're all VERY concerned about your farts. In fact, Al Gore took some time off from inventing the internet to do some research into your very own greenhouse gases. I've booked him to do a little acoustic record at S&M, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to STANK DA PLACE UP.
My mistake on the greenhouse gas varnacular...

Forget Jackson's farts, it's the feet that will end our world. If the Iranians knew we had this collosal weapon in our hands they'd end their pursuit of the bomb immediately. All the time we were looking for chemical/biological weapons of mass destruction in the deserts of Iraq and here they were in Jackson's shoes the entire time.
I could definitely get behind dropping a few smart bombs in them shoes. No need for a vote.

Send the Stank Seeking Missiles, Stat!
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