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Monday, June 13, 2005

Tony opted out of day three, but fortunately I hooked up with Chan, and we managed to cut out from work at a reasonable hour. (I'm actually in Atlanta to work, no, really) So we went to the hip-hop stage ostensibly to check out Biz Markee, but they were running behind (the stage manager was in a rage, certainly the worst stage to have to run) and we caught the end of Whodini. They kept it real, doing it up old school, and attempting to stay on the stage all day - the raging stage manager cut their sound off finally, and then it was time to go check out Joan Jett.
Joan Jett is just so damn cool. I saw her twenty-three years ago and she hasn't lost a step. She still has the same double cut away Jr, and she still looks real good in leather, and something still stirs inside me when she growls "Fuck yeah!" Chan and I agree that we'd like a chance to flip her back to the other team, but maybe her orientation is what keeps her so damn sexy. The main thing is, however, that she rocks. She opened with 'Bad Reputation', and I was fifteen again. The guitar sounds on her first two records are very much responsible for the development of my musical sensibilities. She did her racous versions of 'Crimson and Clover', 'Roadrunner' (updated and transposed from Massachusets to Manhattan, but still including the Stop and Shop), and 'Do Ya Wanna Touch Me', as well as all her hits, and a few nuggets like 'Love is Pain', and 'Victim of Circumstance'. It was hot, the beer flowed and we rocked like there's never been any rock rocking before. Did I mention how cool she is?
Def Leppard had a problem with a Def Soundman. The sound was atrociuos. I wanted to go back to the booth and take over. Not that Joe Elliott is any great singer, but you want to at least hear him, all I could hear was Bass and Kick with the extreme highs of the guitar solos cutting through the muddy thump. I will give the Leppards credit for opening with the Sweet classic 'Action', and covering a Badfinger song as well ("No matter what you do......"). Phil Collen (not to be confused with Phil Collins) and Adrain Campbell still shred, and Rick Allen has always been a solid drummer regardless of the number of arms he has. Is it me, or are Joe Elliott and Simon LeBon slowly merging into the same person? I just couldn't handle the bad sound, and the song selection, other than the covers, was not to my liking. I knew they weren't going to play anything of their first two (and superior) albums, but I figured they'd pick the better of the schlock, but hey, I suppose they got bigger fish to fry, like World Cup scores to keep up with.
Devo had none of these issues. They played the same basic show that I blogged last summer. At the risk of being superflous, they rock, have sack, and do it like no other band in the world. Mark Mothersbaugh can work a crowd easily as well as Bono or Jagger - and he does it with a flower pot on his head. Mark's wisdom probably didn't make it past the gates to the folks oustside with the big signs spouting hellfire for those who sin by going to rock concerts and dress like whores, but just in case: "God made man, but he used a monkey to do it, God made man, but a monkey was the glue". Remember spuds, de-evolution is real.
For yucks we went to check out the last half of Kid Rock's set. Damn glad we did. Holy shit. I thought the Kid had jumped the shark, but hot damn diggity dawg - the Kid is on fucking fire. Loads of folks have mixed up rap and rock with varying degrees of success, but the Kid throws country in the mix, and it's whole different ball game. "I like Johhny Cash, and Grand Master Flash" claims Mr. Rock, and it's evident that he does. Kid Rock pulls out all the stops, slutty dancers, pyro; he played guitar (electric and acoustic) synth, piano, banjo, and he got behind the kit for a bit as well. His band kicks ass, and he ended the show, bringing the house down, with a little number called 'You Don't Have To Call Me Darlin, Darlin'. I will not doubt you again Mr. Kid Rock. Now, I mentioned the flashing before, but it was during Kid's set that I not only saw the most of it, and at a better vantage (a foot and a half), but something all together new happened - ass flashing, that's right, bustin' out the booty! Thank you Mr. Kid Rock, I truly thank you from the deepest depth of my depraved soul.

Sorry I missed it, but I woke up from my well needed nap at 5:00 with buckets of rain coming down, and couldn't find the energy to get down there. I would have liked to see Kid Rock and Joan Jett. No surprise as far as what was happening over at the hip hop stage.

Hate that I missed this new craze that you witnessed at the Kid R. stage.
It was something to behold my friend, and thank you again, I had a great time, and it all starts with you.
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