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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


In my 'the last time I was jazzed about new music blog' of however many weeks ago, I left out a stupendous band that really kicked off the whole 'alternative' scene in the late eighties and early nineties that culminated with Nirvana and some folks selling some shirts and long underwear. Before there was grunge, before indeed anybody even cared about Seattle, there was Jane's Addiction. It is because of Jane's Addiction that we had the first Lollapalooza, and it was at that event, all summer, kids were passing around, amongst Pixies and Cure records, Nirvana's Bleach, so that by the time that Nevermind came out the kids were primed. In fact I think it's safe to say Perry Ferrel killed Kurt Cobain, so hey, there's something. Seriously though, 'Nothing's Shocking' kicked my ass, yes I should just admit it (that's funny see, cuz, well you know). It was, in fact, again, Mrs. Tony Alva who busted out that number last week, along with Paul's Boutique, and forced me to realize my glaring omisssion from the previous post.

Wish I was ocean size
They cannot move you
No one tries
No one pulls you
Out from your hole
Like a tooth aching a jawbone...

I was made with a heart of stone
To be broken
With one hard blow
I've seen the ocean
Break on the shore
Come together with no harm done...

It ain't easy living...

I want to be
As deep
As the ocean
Mother ocean

Some people tell me
Home is in the sky
In the sky lives a spy
I want to be more like the ocean
No talking
All action...
No talking
All action...

It's so funny you should mention Jane's Addictions, Nothing's Shocking. It's been getting a lot of play in my 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix...

Check out my new top five list I added to my blog.

Great minds think alike.

It's one of Mrs. Mooksuki's favorites as well...

Damn, talk about cool women!
Thanks for the mad props to the old lady Hue, I'll pass them along...

"Ocean Size" was all I needed to hear when this album first dropped. Didn't Mr. L Smart turn us on to these guys? World class production to my ears. The associations one can make to being ocean size is brillant. I must have pondered that lyric for weeks after hearing it for the first time.

Wasn't this record nominated for a grammy the first year heavy metal was a catagory and lost out to Jethro Tull as did Metallica?

I'll bet rightbackatyou hasn't considered this album for his top 50. Maybe we coax him that way...
It was Mr. L Smart who hipped us to Jane's, and it was heavier than all the thrash put together, although I wasn't much into Alice In Chains or Soundgarden back then, that era was the real last gasp of quality hard rock/heavy metal, despite the prescence of Gn'R. Too bad Axl didn't o.d. after 'Apetite'.
Jane's taught us about delay all over again.
yeah, delay the session til Dave can score....
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