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Monday, June 27, 2005


How come nobody told me about this? On 12th between Braodway and 4th lies another vinyl haven, overflowing bins of double sided black grooved glory. You might be wondering what I bought:

David Gilmour - About Face (2nd, and more commercial solo effort from God)
Three Dog Night - Greatest Hits (I believe I have this already, but if that's the case I'll give it to somebody)
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours & Fleetwood Mac (the essentials, I must have at least one of these as well, I'm gonna have to make an excell document to keep up with what I have)
B-52's - Whammy (Song For A Future Generation rules)
Talking Heads - Little Creatures (I still think 'Saty Up All Night' is about the penis)
Kate Bush - Never For Ever (The female Floyd)
Led Zepplin - Physical Graffiti (so what, I don't have Coda or In Through the Out Door either, I never cared too much)
Fast Times At Rigemont High - Music From The Motion Picture (I bought this for the Joe Walsh song, 'Waffle Stomp', but it's got some other decent stuff on it, well actually there's the Jackson Browne tune, and a bunch of crap, but 'Waffle Stomp' is reason enough "Do the watusi, watch I love Lucy....")
Willie Nelson - Stardust (produced by Booker T. Jones, a classic)
Willie Nelson and Leon Russell - One For The Road (Two disc set, one live, one studio)
Jackson Browne - The Pretnder (I always turn Jackson up when he comes on the radio, so I guess I like his stuff)
John Lennon - Mind Games (I don't really need to qualify this one, do I?)
Donal Fagen - The Nightfy (In response to the commenter on Fred's blog)
Dylan - New Morning (Gotta have 'The Man In Me' on vinyl)
T. Bone Burnett - The Talking Animal (There's some great players on this record, I'll let you know, cuz I ain't never heard nothin' about it)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More From The Road (I KNOW I have this one, and so does Tony, I guess that leaves Fred, Chris or Ken to adopt this classic)

Sometimes I see a great record at a great price in great condition that I'm fairly certain that I own, I am always tempted to buy it anyway, if it's in better shape than the one I have, I keep it, either way I find a home for an orphan.

Physical Graffiti kicks some serious ass and is starting to get a lot of air play in the 91 Grand Prix.

Willie's Stardust is awesome.
Another great Willie LP, if you can find it, Willie sings Kris Kristopherson... Willie's version of "Sunday Mornin' comin' down" is 2nd only to Cash's
I'm getting my Willie together, I've heard 'Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down' by Willie via my buddy Chan. I need 'Wanted: The Outlaws' on vinyl.
If you've got rodent and/or pest problem at home or at S&M, throw that Fagen solo record on and when the vocals kick in all the rats and roaches will writhe in shear agony and die a painful death.

All the others are great finds. The Fast Times soundtrack is really not a bad ratio of good to crap songs for a soundtrack. "Waffle Stomp" is certainly the highlight, but my girl Stevie does "Sleeping Angel". This song has the same affect that that Barbara Streisand tune has on Jackson. Great song.

I'll go ahead and say it, In Through The Out Door sucks. Plant had clearly lost the edge in his voice and given up the blues influence by the time this record came out. I remember hearing it after all the build up to release and was crushed with disappointment. After Presence, it was all marginal crap.

I'll wait for your take on the T-Bone record.

My Skynyrd live record is the original rainbow MCA label purchased from Murphy's Mart in Newport News VA in the summer of 1976 along with Ted Nugent's Free For All. I don't know if there is any song on the two-disc set that can play all the way through without a skip.
There is, or at least was, a decent record store in Park Slope, I think right at 7th Ave. and 9th St. A few years ago I was poking around and found a 12" of the Sisters of Mercy doing Knocking On Heaven's Door.

Yeah, I remember that store from when I lived there. I don't get out to PS much, but it's good to know it might still be there.

Tony, you can have my extra Skynyrd live.

Between you hatin' on Steely Dan, and Chris hatin' on Kiss, I just don't know, maybe I'll put on a Bad Company record and get bored to death by Paul Rodgers.

Alex Lifeson - "Hey, did they ever make dolls of you guys without the makeup?"

Paul Stanley - "No, man. I mean, what would be the point?"

Or something like that.

"About Face" is actually not a horrible record, couple of really good songs, a few things cowritten with Townshend. "Out of the Blue" and "Cruise" are groovy.

I'm disappointed I don't get the Skynyrd, but I know Tony will appreciate it, and I've always got my cassette version of "Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd," complete with "Freebird" split over two sides (who's bright idea was that?) to keep me warm.
I didn't think you had much of the good ole boy in you, maybe Tony will let you hold it for him until he makes it back up here.

Alex Lifeson: No No No, you guys know the rules, absolutely not.

Gene Simmons: C'mon Al, just one drink, Mr. Ace Frehely isn't with us, so it's cool.

Or something like that.

www.rush.com Click on band members, click on Alex, watch 'Rules Are Rules' (or something like that)

What makes that video work, is that fact that we know these guys, or at least we think we do. Indeed, what would have been the point of Kiss dolls without make-up? In fact what was the point of Kiss without make-up? That would be like Rush having some chick sing on one of their songs.

'Time stand still....'

This is what is great about this stuff, these guys are rock stars, and with the exception of Jeff Baxter, they are not rocket scientists. They have moments of utter genius, followed by, well, not-genius. Like leaving Steely Dan to join the bland Michael McDonald usurped Doobie Brothers.

Minute By Minute Vs. China Grove - you be the judge.

Oh yeah, In Through The Out Door does have the greatest drum beat ever recorded - Fool In The Rain just do what I do, tune out the fag in tights, tune in Mr. Bonzo.

I'll take the T-bone to the beach and drop it on Fred's system. The way it looks, that'll be my next opportunity to spin any vinyl.

I did not know that about the cassette version of 'Pronounced...' anfd the split 'Freebird'. I remember a lot of cassettes having different track order, ah, problems our kids will never face.

'About Face' is a good record, and I only implied that it was more commercial than it's predecessor, 1978's David Gimour, which is very good.

I hate you, I quit the band.
Oh, I get it... I live in Georgia so I'm the only guy who get's Skynyrd. I'm the redneck of the bunch...

I quit the band too.
Now (sigh)...

Skynyrd was capable of some serious dreck, but the live album (other than "Freebird") is amazing. Saturday Night Special, Searchin', T for Texas, and many others are phenomenal tracks. It is truly a live album (no studio re-tracking). You can still go into the Fox Theatre down here and hear the songs reverberating off the walls. Street Survivors is a great record as well. They were definitely maturing as song writers when the plane crashed. What happened after and what constitutes Skynyrd now is the Spinal Tap of southern rock.


Paul Rodgers has one of the best voices in rock period. While capable of his own dreck (see Radioactive) your comment is way out of line and I quit the band again.
I'm rejoining the band expressly for the purpose of quitting it over your completely unfounded slam on Aimee Mann.

I know you have some bad associations with girls that have bleached blond tails or something, but Aimee Mann singing "Time Stand Still" is, well, alright by me. Plus she was in the awesome video with Geddy, Alex, and Neil (complete with drum kit) flying around the screen. She played the cameraperson, maybe you don't remember? To dismiss it as "a chick singing" is to miss everything that Rush stood for 1987, namely synthesizers, suit jackets, and flying around the screen. They might not be rocket scientists (or so YOU say), but they WERE invited to the first Space Shuttle launch. When was the last time you were invited to ANY Space Shuttle launch, "Jackson" (if that IS your real name).

As a redneck from Connecticut (where they call us "Swamp Yankees") I must also go on record as stating that Skynyrd rocked (note tense), even when Gary Rossington was in a wheelchair.

By the way, the picture of Gilmour on the back of "About Face," with the beaten-to-hell sunburst Tele (it's almost all raw wood), is the reason I play Fenders.
I've been invited to many Space Shuttle launches, just not the NASA ones, Manny's Aeronaurtic Space Program in Coney Island has been in the Shuttle game for years. They are funded by The Cyclones.

That video with all the stuff flying around, and Geddy's wee footware is burned in my brain, I thought it silly then, and still do. However, the song is cool, Amy Mann is incredibly talented, and Rush can do whatever they like.

Paul Rodgers made great records with both Free and Bad Company, he has a great voice, certainly better than any one of us, but frankly, he bores me, like Eric Clapton's guitar playing; it's flawless, but unexciting - to me.

If there was anybody still left IN the band, I'd quit.
What are you saying about Tony's voice?

Geddy's diminutive hooves are probably the best part of that video, except maybe for his chest hair.
I said nothing of Tony's voice, what are you saying about his voice?
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