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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


So I decided to answer my own question about the whereabouts of Stan Lynch, former drummer for the Heartbreakers (Tom not Johnny). It seems he is not currently residing in the where are they now file, he's in Nashville writing songs and producing records. After leaving Tom, he spent a couple years touring with Dylan.

"If you think you’re ever going to try to be songwriter, go work with guys like that. Even if you’re just going to shine Bob’s shoes you’d learn something.”

After that he hooked up with Don Henley and started writing songs, which in turn led him to Nashville. Well, good luck Stan, you'll need it in that dirty filthy town.

“The music in Nashville now is more like rock and roll. The Rolling Stones’ ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ would have been a hit country song today. It wouldn’t even get played on rock stations."

Tru dat.

I'm surprised C/W artists aren't fighting this country pop thing more. There are traditionalists still out there, but real C/W seems to be suffering the same die off as trad R&R. Whatsamatta wid dees kidzz today...
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