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Friday, June 24, 2005

TAMALE (Mole Con Puerco)

Mmmmmmm. As Jan Hooks said in Pee Pee's Big Adventure; 'there are over a thousand uses for maze (corn).' I am currently on a quest to check them all out. Thanks Pedro and Inez, good luck with the adobe.
If you are in Williamsburg (that's Brooklyn folks) walk down Bedford between N5 and N6, and you'll see a Mexican restaurant called Veracruz. They have very good food, a nice bar, and outdoor seating. If your going out for a meal, that's a good a spot as any, but skip it. Go next door to the little Mexican bodega, walk to the back, and you'll find two nice ladies who excell at comidas. Try the Tacos Carnitas, and make damn sure you get a tamale. That's the real deal.

Is he talking about corn being maize, or Korn being in a maze?
I don't think that the original cultivators, the one's who lived here before we came, the on'es who named it, used our alphabet, so any phonetic spelling is fair game. And no, I won't stop yelling at you.
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