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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I was just at Mandler's Sausage Co. getting my lunch - awesome Bockwurst - and some lady ordered Bratwurst with Saurkraut and (uggghhh) ketchup! Can you believe that shit - ketchup on a sausage? Ketchup belongs nowhwere near sausage, mustard is the only accepted sausage condiment. Then on my way back to the office I caught a whiff of a clove cigarette. Merciful lord get that shit away from me. Go smoke your pretentious, wannabe bohemian, nauseating, foul smelling, noxious smoke somewhere else.

Are we clear?

The only thing that could have made your lunch break worse would to have seen some guy putting a lime in his beer...
Don't get me started.....
nothing but good old American Yellow Mustard for me (Plochman's perferred). It's a crime to put ketchup on Tube shaped meat products.

A bigger crime, Cloves (puke)

Even Bigger crime, Fruit Garnish in beer. This practice was originally started by people trying to get the "urine" taste out of Coronas.

The thing that pisses me off more than the above... "Calvin pissing on X" stickers
X=Chevy if you drive something other than a Chevy and so on....

I'll have to make a sticker of Calvin Pissing on HUEZINE...

keep up the great work

"This practice was originally started by people trying to get the "urine" taste out of Coronas."

Hue, we must be seperated at birth types, I swear you read my mind....
Just think of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall when you think of that woman.

But I thought the reason they use lime in beer in Mexico was to keep the flies away from it. I think Corona is crap, but like Negra Modelo a lot. It offends me when they put a lime in one of those.

And cloves. They really do make me nauseous.

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