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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


In 1980 I fell in love with a woman who played the trumpet. I'm sure she will miss all the stuff. Like the remote control, and the paddle - ball game, and the thermos.

I'm picking out a thermos for you......

So long Bernadette, I'll miss you. Maybe they'll have the old Pizza In A Cup in heaven.


It was her Husband who died, I was barely awake when I heard the story on the news, my mistake. My condolences go out To Bernadette who has had a tough year. I'm still picking out a thermos for you Bernadette.

What the...??????
I think this is a good-bye note to someone who's left.

Good night, Bernadette, whoever you are.

What a sad post...
Bernadette Peters died monday in a plane crash in Europe.

Thermos - The Jerk, Pizza In A Cup? Tony, surely these things mean something to you.
No, her husband Michael Wittenberg was killed in a helicopter crash in the Meditteranean.
Not an ordinary thermos for you!
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