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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

By Tony Alva

"A Bigger Bang" is indeed a great Stones record. I love it. It sounds like a MUCH better recorded Exile. Mick really sounds good on this one. The rockers, the skank, the boogie, the blues, it's all there. I'm a total sucker for Keith Richards' guitar.

I love riffs like "Can't YouHear Me Knocking" and "Happy", just Keith flailing his arms across an opened tuned five string telecaster, and this record has a ton of that.

The usual group of part timers are there (Chuck L., Bobby Keys, etc...) but they aren't featured as prominantly as they often have been on previous efforts post "Some Girls". You almost get the feeling that before this album, Mick and Keith didn't think they could really make records without all this added support. Maybe they aren't lying when they say that Charlie's brush with mortality forced them to make this one alone like in the old days.

I don'tknow shit, but I'll bet Keith knew they could and it's been Mick who's been big on bringing in all these big session guys all these years. My basis for this opinion is the fact that Keith has gone out and made some very fine records on his own with nothing but a rock-n-roll band (Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Piano).

I gotta say that Ronnie has finally earned his way to getting more visable in the mixes. He's got some wailing slide and killer guitar solo bits.

This is what "A Bigger Bang" sounds like to me: A Keith Richards solo record with Mick on vocals. I hope they keep working this formula.

"Of course, you don't want the world populated only with dinosaurs, but it's terribly nice to keep SOME of them around."

-Nick Mason
Nicky should write a book - oh yeah, he did.
This does sound a Keith Richards solo record with Mick on vocals... nicely put.

I have to admit, I had my "mocking guns" cocked and loaded as I sat down to listen to this for the first time. I loved it.

Even though they are starting to look the cast from the 1985 blockbuster hit, "Cocoon" they still rock ass.

Do you think they still bring the chicks back to the room after the show?

How cool would be to have one of the rolling stones as a grandpa, most certainly cooler than a doctor or fireman.

More important, What ever happened to that hottie from "Cocoon"?
Holy shit. If I read it correctly, the hottie was none other than Linda Hamilton, Nova from Planet of the Apes.
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