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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


"Katrina exposed serious problems in our response capability at all levels of government and to the extent the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility," - G.W.B.

Okay. I respect that. I honestly never thought he'd accept any responsibility, so that's a start. But what does it mean? Is he saying he's accountable. What are the consequenses? Should he be reprimanded, publicly humiliated, fired?

Clinton was nearly impeached over a blowjob. George left tens of thousands hanging without food or water for five days. I say let the punishment fit the crime.

From the press I saw last night G.W. actually said "...the buck stops here". I know, I'm just a GOP lovin', money grubbin' jerk off, but he sure didn't sound like he was shirking anything to me, and I think the guys somewhat of a doofus.

There were a lot of people who let others down during this disaster from all over the political spectrum. It will interesting to see if you EVER call their actions criminal, or indict them as well.
The Governor of Louisiana is a bonehead, but as I am not one of her constituants, I have left her to other wolves. But as I said, GW is the boss, the buck should stop there. There are just too many ball droppers to list them all, so I have concentrated of Mr. Browm and GW. One of those issues has been resolved. The other get's away with murder as usual. Why Shouldn't I blog about it? Why does it upset you so? Wouldn't you fire a negligent employee?
For this reason only...

You completely bypass all the state & local level idiots who bungled things when minutes counted who could have better affected a larger % of people chances BEFORE the storm made it to shore. You didn't write about that in your original post, just asked for W's head like that would solve everything. These other people are going to get away with what they've done because people like you are choosing to pile on the "get W" rhetoric and making it the top story every day. W failed and I won't defend him one bit, but get him LAST. Get the LA cronies who failed their people when it counted the most by delaying their request to the fed amongst other stupidity and not taking care of their people as they were charged to do (yes, they have to request help for the fed. It's silly since everybody on the planet was aware of the dire situation, but it's the law). Get them FIRST.

These people are the ones who created the crappy situation down there long before Katrina was a breeze created by a butterfly flapping it's wings off the coast of Africa.

If W resigned tomorrow all these assholes would still be there. Why not blog about that?
Obviously it's all 'cause we want a democrat in the white house

a far more important point, though, is exactly what kind of butterfly are you talking about? should it be impeached?
A little chaos theory analogy tossed into the discourse is a good thing. Cleans out the blood. Almost as well as humor.
Tony, I agree you should blog about the local screwups. I, however, have my own agenda.
What, hatin'?
GW's greatest failure in the Katrina response is much simpler than you think. It's been the same failure we've lived with for five years now. He does not have to do or know anything about how to respond to an emergency such as that. There are other people better equipped for that. All he needs to do is BE A LEADER. He's had five years of on the job training and he's still not a leader. He can't inspire confidence, he can't inspire hope, he can't inspire. I keep hearing how the President is making his 3rd trip to the Gulf today, the President will visit the Gulf for the 4th time today... wouldn't you think he should just STAY THERE! It sounds schmaltzy and not rooted in anything but I think charisma and that gut feeling someone gives you is a huge factor. It's why John Kerry didn't win and why John McCain can win. Did you ever wonder why we have approval rating polls for a president who can't be re-elected? I never much cared for Rudy Guiliani until 9/11. I disagree with him on most things, but he set the tone for the whole nation on how to handle a disaster while GW was still sitting in a Florida classroom with that dumb smirk on his face. NY carried on with respect, grace and dignity. You didn't hear a car horn for a month. That's the sort of "winning of hearts and minds" that only great leadership can accomplish. When you watched CNN after 9/11 did you listen when GW spoke? Maybe with one ear, but I'll bet you gave your full attention when Rudy spoke? It carried over into the blackout. I realize the situation in NO was a lot more dire, but if we had a better leader it never would have got that bad... and it would have nothing to do with how skillful he was logistically.
If you want to call it hating you may. My pont is this. My blog, my topic, your blog - oh yeah, what blog?

You do better, and then we'll talk.
Sorry, I thought the idea of this blog thing was to generate discourse and debate. Perhaps broaden opinion, maybe offer some different perspectives, and at risk of being pie eyed, learn something.

But judging from your "it's my blog so if you have a different opinion to offer go do it on your own blog" response tells us that what your version of blogging is people jumping on some narrow minded band wagon around silly slogans that lack any depth other than to say "well, he/she's an idiot..." I guess I'll refrain from commenting on anything written here unless I completely agree with it.


While I give W credit in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, he has seriously lacked leadership stature since. He has relied on his cabinet to provide him what little he's mustered, but things like Katrina leave him all alone. I completely agree with you on your perspective of leadership and public perception. Ironically, Reagan proves your point most recently. I never felt like Clinton exuded leadership, nor did GH Bush until the Gulf War, and then he seemed to have left it at home during the elction he lost to Clinton.

Policy aside, people like to know SOMEONE is in charge and has a plan. Maybe we'll get lucky and the latter will materialize. I'm not counting on the former.

I apologize in advance to Jackson if this response has offended any of his sensabilities or positions.
Alright now, kids. If we can't make outrageous statements and then fight over them what's the point?

I don't understand how anyone got any hatin' done before the internet.

I LIKE Tony Alva's comments, and Jackson's responses.

I think Jackson took offense to Tony's telling him what he SHOULD write about. Jackson will write what he feels, and he obviously feels that the President is a dimwit.

Actually, I thought Bill Clinton was a pretty good leader. He actually got a lot done, even with a hostile Congress.
You make a good point Chris, Bill did get shit done under adverse political conditions. He just didn't strike me as a stand up and command troops kind of guy. He always seemed to me to be a funny, fun loving lawyer kind type of dude. Doesn't mean he wasn't effective legislator. He didn't get 9/11 or Katrina thrown at him so we can only speculate as to what he might have been like from the publics perception during a need for Guliani type leadership situation.
Yeah, there was nothing similar to what happened on 9-11 or in the South. The closest thing to a "national disaster" was the impeachment thing.

Still, the people I know who actually worked with Clinton (I have a good friend who worked for his senior economic advisor) said that he was very inspirational.
If bush got a blow job in the oval office, I'd respect him more.

I wonder how many Secret Service guys have had their nobs polished by one or both of the bush twins in the oval office
No, I'm just sick of you telling me what I should blog about. I got it the first time. Your opinions are welcome, discourse is welcome, just lay off the 'shoulds'. Speak your mind, by all means, just stop telling me how to blog, it's pompus and officious and umbecoming of you.
I like that "blog" has become a verb.

The first "Blog" I knew was Dave Blog, Daily Show employee. Mt friend Victor and I once wrote a song about him called "Blog."

Our Blog used to be the only one. Now everyone has a blog.
Dude, You're paranoid...

I wasn't telling you what or how to blog. You can blog whatever you want. You can bark at the fuckin' moon if you choose to.

I was suggesting that if you are truly upset at how things were handled why not direct your ire somewhere other than what dumb masses are spouting without merit. If you think the prez single handedly fucked NO fine. Expect to be called out on the claim, address it if you choose, or not.

Making claims, accusations, and generalizations, is unbecoming. Calling anybody who votes one way or another an asshole is unbecoming and unworthy of your intellect, and most of all, accomplishes NOTHING.

What's next, pull a Ted Nugent at Tedstock, "...anybody who isn't liberally minded, prone to baseless partisan rants, and has voted GOP in any election should turn around and get the fuck outta here cause you're all assholes, alright!! Let me hear ya!!!"

I can't go on....the Nugent bit, I'm not sure if anybody other than us know how funny that is. Clearly, you emerge victorious in this round. On to the next. Hmmm, who else do I hate?
Rudy Guiliani!

Always a good choice for hatin'
Rudy, Hmmmm. Hated him, then loved him, then back to hating. Opportunist fuckhead nazi, but he did a bang up job w/ 9/11, no question. I would never vote for him, but he'd make a good FEMA boss, or Clean-up Czar.
Besides, he's funny looking, and has a lisp, according to Tony's neighbor, a man's appearance is all that's important when it comes to electing leaders.
I thought I was going to jump out of my skin when I saw GW tell the FEMA folks that they were doing a great job. And I thought it was equally appalling when he held his first news media op with the Mississippi "yes" men who told him in front of the cameras that the federal help had been "really great". I'm glad GW realized that nobody was fooled.
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