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Friday, September 16, 2005


"hue is a idiot. you and your little girlfriend suck. you should move to Iraq if you hate bush. What kind of name is deittra, sounds like a commie name."

This was a comment sent to Huezine in regard to the posted image of GW with the disaster caption. First let's corret the glaring error, Deittra is MY girlfriend, Hue has a lovely wife of his own. Second; Deittra is an African American name, if one must make such distinctions. Thirdly, who's worried about communists? A commie is as anachronistic as a hippie. Lastly, this guy is a Bush supporter. This is the mental attitude that prevails amongst such types, biggoted, uninformed, malicious fuck-headedness. It would appear that 56% of Americans think like this. That's why the other 44% have been so upset for the past six years.

I think Deittra is a lovely name. I also admire her sense of humor and political views.

I missed this dolt's comment. If ever there was a chance meeting with this jackass I'd have an updated response to the Us & Them query "When was the last time you were violent and were you in the right?". You could even tack on, "Did you enjoy it?"

Utterly ridiculous. I didn't even know Jackson and his Baby were considering moving to Iraq!

I also didn't know that Iraq was a communist nation. We learn something new every day.

You should DEFINITELY move to Iraq if you hate Bush, just like all the other commies.

Wait a second, aren't most of the Americans who are in Iraq there to either fight or aid in reconstruction? I had no idea they were commies too.

Commies, commies, commies, I hate 'em. They've been gettin' a free ride for far too long.
If it's not the commies in Iraq, it's the smiling and smirking Germans...

I just hate them!
Iraq is just like south florida, it's hot and muggy, but there are more americans in Iraq than south florida.

I'm game
I still prefer the term Pinko, it has a ring to it.
It's a troll. Move on.
By the Way,

Great use of the word, anachronistic.
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